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The Crawley Consulting Group (CCG) was established January 2021. The organization prides itself on delivering quality service to its clients. The goal of Crawley Consulting Group is your success. We measure success based on your goals. 

CCG collaborates with individuals and businesses to help them achieve their goals.  We help clients with career and business  consulting. CCG is committed to helping you maximize your potential.

In life, we are either in a storm, been through a storm, or a storm is coming.  We have to be prepared for inclement weather.  It's the preparation that is the key to success. The Crawley Consulting Group can help you focus on your goals, and maximize  your opportunities for success.  CCG is your success partner.



I am Dr. Jason Claudius Crawley,  a native of Norfolk, Virginia.  I attended Virginia State University and earned a  Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Administration. I continued my continued my education at Regent University where I earned a Masters of Arts Degree in Management.  In 2019, I completed a Doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. 

I have has worked in various industries to include, retail, health care administration, financial services, and higher education. I have always been goal oriented. I believe that success cannot happen without goals. Goals cannot happen without a plans.

In 2021, I started the Crawley Consulting Group to make a difference in the lives of fellow entrepreneurs and business owners.  I understand the challenges of being a business owner. You have to make tough decisions. You have to be a good leader. You need to be a problem solver. It is also important to be tough minded.


Enough about me, let's talk about how the Crawley Consulting Group can help you reach your goals. 


It's been a pleasure meeting you.




Dr. Jason Claudius Crawley 







Leadership Coaching

60 Minute Session $95.00

 Our leadership coaching experience is an opportunity for business leaders to become better leaders. Leading organizations is one of the key elements to successful businesses. We help you identify your goals and opportunities for growth, and offer guidance that's customized to get you to where you want to go.This experience will improve communication, people skills, and organizational culture. Book your free consultation today. You can use the form below, call or text

Webpage Design Service
Contact for pricing

Promote your business the right way. The right webpage can help you promote your business the right way. A well designed webpage can enhance your customer's experience. We are able to help you with designing a new webpage that best represents your business and suits your business's needs. If you have an existing webpage, we are able to make updates, edits, and corrections that are time consuming and tedious.  Book your free consultation today or request a quote. You can use the form below, call or text.


Strategy Coaching

60 Minute session $95.00

In business, change is a constant. If you fail to change with the times, your business may not live up to its potential. The Strategy coaching experience is a process that is designed to help you execute change within your organization. Book your free consultation today. You can use the form below, call or text.


Contact for pricing

Our Business Consulting services are designed to meet the specific needs of each client. Our Business Consulting services help business owners with increasing profitability, improve the performance of their employees, or resolve issues such as high worker turnover, low morale, employee burnout, or poor communication.  We are committed to  helping businesses of all sizes discover solutions, strategies, and action planning to reach their goals. Book your free consultation today. You can use the form below, call or text.


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 9 am EST to 8 pm EST

PO Box 14044, Chesapeake, VA 23325


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